Where Can I Buy Research Chemicals?

There are many places that offer research chemical products or legal highs, but where would you recommend I acquire some for myself?

As mentioned, you can get research chemicals just about anywhere. But follow these tips for a better experience:

Tip #1:

We here at the Research-Chemicals.org would like to recommend a reliable vendor for your research chemical needs. Currently, these sites are offering research chemicals, aMT, Camfetamine, Methiopropamine,, Nopaine, Ethylphenidate, AM-2201, inSense, Herbal Blend, Haze, incense blend, and other products.

Tip #2:

Search for the EXACT chemical name in your preferred search engine like google. IE, if you wanted to order Ethylphenidate, you should try typing the chemical name that you can find on the Methoxetamine wiki page. This is a simple way to weed out less professional vendors that might be selling chemicals under other names.

Tip #3:

Check for reviews about the website in question. If you haven’t heard about it from word of mouth, then there are still ways you can determine its reliability. If it is a fairly popular website, then someone should have already reviewed it on google somewhere. Make sure it has mostly positive reviews, and key into the comments to learn about quality or shipping.

Tip #4:

Check to see if the website has a wide range of chemicals for sale. Generally, the more products it has, the more established and capable it is. Sometimes large research chemical vendors will only deal in bulk though, so you’ll probably have to avoid a few of the giants of the industry.


Make sure that the website has plainly visible FAQ’s and legal disclaimers – as the legit ones will usually have at least these bare basics. And along the note of legal disclaimers – don’t make reference to human ingestion in your order. Legitimate companies will frown upon this, and should discourage it on their website.

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